Modern Foreign Languages

The increasingly rich, diverse, and multicultural nature of the United Kingdom requires a necessity to provide our pupils with an understanding of other cultures and languages. This appreciation and respect for cultures and languages is not only representative of British Values, but also our “Personal Best” values here at Penwortham Primary School.  It has particualr links to the following values: respect, communication and curiosity.

Our Languages curriculum has been developed to provide pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding of oracy and literacy, which enhances the understanding and encourages the reflection of their own language and culture. The intent of our curriculum is to positively impact on pupils’ ideas on identity and community through the enjoyment of learning a language and lends itself to the essential critical thinking skills pupils require to gain perspective on their own communication systems. 

We believe that the knowledge of etymology and understanding how language works provides transferable skills in other curriculum areas and lays the foundations for further language learning at secondary school and beyond. We believe that as human beings, we can learn from one another, and that languages gifts an opportunity to gain new and broader perspectives on the world. 

Our focus modern foreign language at Penwortham Primary School is french.

We aim to ensure that our pupils can:

  •  Read fluently
  •  Write imaginatively
  •  Speak confidently
  •  Understand the culture of the countries in which the language is spoken

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