Values Assemblies

Each half term our new value is launched in a Monday assembly. All staff attend this assembly, where we share and discuss the value. The new value is then developed in the following Monday assemblies.

Each half term we will add details of our assembly themes. Please look at the files below and use them to share with your child the values we are discussing in school. This will help link home and school learning. During times where the school has been affected by covid restrictions on line assemblies will be posted on the website for all pupils to access. We believe that this will help children to make real links to their own lives, be able to talk about what our school vaules mean and bring in their opinions, thoughts and reflections to share with others.

Our school values are embedded throughout the curriculum by our ‘Personal Best’ values. We aim for our pupils to be their very best ‘Social Me’, ‘Thinking Me’ and ‘Healthy Me’ through the values of : Respect, Communication, Trust, Resilience, Honesty, Responsibility, Problem Solving, Reflection and Curiosity.


Around the World Assembly

We also incorporate a weekly assembly that reflects religious festivals and celebrations locally, in the UK and around the world. For example, in the Autumn term children looked at the similarities and differences of Diwali, Hannukah and Advent.

We also make use of 'Picture News' resources that help keep us all up to date with events around the world, to reflect upon them and discuss them, where possible linking in our own school values. A weekly discussion sheet will be posted for pupils to share at home.


Celebrations' Assembly

On Friday we hold our Celebrations' Assembly to recognise those pupils who have worked particularly hard in their learning during the week. This is also linked to our school values and those pupils who are aiming to be their Personal Best.

At the end of each term we hold a very special Celebrations' Assembly. Staff reflect upon the term and award a trophy and certificate in the following:

  • My Personal Best Award
  • Sports' Award
  • Excellence Award


We aim to have visitors to lead our assemblies regularly. In the Autumn term 2021 this included the Dare to Aspire Team to motivate us all to be our Personal Best. We also has visits from the Prevent Team Lancashire and our House Captains attended the Penwortham Memorial Service on 11th November 2021.

Focus weeks such as Anti Bullying Week, Mental Health Week are an important part of our annual assembly plan and usually incorporate work done in class and by school council.

Files to Download