At Penwortham Primary School, our Geography curriculum encourages pupil’s curiosity and fascination about our world and those who live in it. Our aim is for all children to understand the world in which they live, both locally and the world beyond and an appreciation of the natural world. 

We aim to teach our children the following key concepts:

  • Investigate places
  •  Investigate patterns
  • Communicate geographically

This vision is achieved by giving pupils the opportunity to explore the surroundings and environments around them, and those in the wider world along with a variety of human and physical features. 

Pupils will develop an appreciation for the similarities and differences between places and their cultures and the changes through time. Our “Personal Best” values and Geography curriculum complement one another by encouraging children to become responsible, global citizens and equips our pupils with the skills, curiosity and courage necessary to navigate and explore. Geography has particular links to the values of responsibility, respect and curiosity.

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