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I would just like to share our update from our 'Fun Run' that we completed at the end of Summer term 2023.

Ripple Africa have replied and infromed us that our total of £328.52 will plant an amazing 1,314 trees!!

Well done!!


Today’s fun run was a huge success, all the children seemed to have a great time and there was lots of laughter, smiles and some competitiveness too. Your child will come home with their own slip of paper telling you how many laps of the fun run they completed.


Year group totals of laps...


Reception - 119

Y1 - 142

Y2 - 217

Y3 - 279

Y4 - 224

Y5 - 294

Y6 - 262

Bringing the total number of laps run today to 1,537.


A huge well done to everyone! A special thank you to Mrs Jones and Mrs Duke for all their help and support during the Fun Run.

If you haven’t sponsored your child yet please follow the link below it doesn't matter how big or small your donation is every little helps. Thank you for your continued support.

Miss McKenna and the eco council.

Just Giving link



On Monday the 10th of July the Eco Council have organised a 'Fun Run' this is for all the pupils in school. We are aiming to run 1000 laps of the school field and the obstacles. Please arrive in your PE kit but bring your school uniform to change into after as you may get wet! Please keep an eye out for the Just Giving page for your sponsors to sponsor you! They can wait until after the day and sponsor you per lap or give a donation before. Money raised will be donated to Ripple Africa.

Please use the Just Giving link to make donations.

Ripple africa.png


During February we have been having a class competition to see which class can collect the most batteries to be recycled. We have collected quite a few. The winning class will be announced on Friday 3rd March. We will continue to run this completion again in March so please send any used batteries for recycling into school. Well



Our Eco Council repsented their ideas and plans to their class before being democratically elected for their positions. The eco group meet regularly with Miss McKenna and Mrs Kirkpatrick.

Eco Council 2022-2023


Emma, Joshua B (Y6), Georgie and Eva (Y2), Alex and Henry Y3, Charlotte and Emma Y5, Myles and Lucy Y4.



March 2022

This term Eco Council presented an assembly to the whole school about our plans for the future - including water saving, fruit composting and using sustainable water bottles.

Eco Council met with the Mayor of Penwortham to plant 3 fruit trees in our forest school area.


Jan 2022

Before we broke up for the Christmas holiday the pupils helped the Eco Council and Miss McKenna plant 210 trees/saplings in the school grounds. This was to commemorate The Queen's Green Canopy: Plant a Tree for the Jubilee! Every child in school was involved and despite the awful weather all the saplings were successfully planted, whilst the children had fun and made memories. Thank you staff and pupils for all your help!


December 2021

Thank you for all your support we managed to collect 2,286 points for the Morrisons 'Good to Grow'.

This means we have enough to order a water butt for our gardening area and a new compost bin to replace our old broken ones. The Eco council also ordered some strawberry seeds so we can have a go at growing some!


September 2021

The eco council decided that they would start a fruit recycling scheme to turn all our healthy fruit waste into compost for us to use in the garden.

October 2021

Eco Veg box.jpg

Our fruit and vegetable waste boxes arrived on Thursday, we labelled them all ready for each class. On Monday 11th October we distributed them to the classes. So now all of our fruit and vegetable waste will be going in our school compost bins. Our next job is to empty both of the compost bins!

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