Curriculum Intent

At Penwortham Primary School, teachers provide an ambitious curriculum for all pupils which is carefully planned and sequenced from the very beginning in our EYFS class through to preparing our pupils to leave us in at the end of Year 6.

Our curriculum is designed and developed from a variety of sources such as regular assessments throughout the year, latest research and from the interest of our pupils. Our curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of all of our pupils to ensure access for all regardless of special need or disabilities.

We follow the National Curriculum using the White Rose Maths sequence of learning. This year we are in our second year of working as part of the Maths Hub programme, developing our teaching and learning with a Mastery approach. Children in EYFS also follow the White Rose Maths sequence of learning following 'Development Matters' - guidance in the Early Years.

Throughout school, we provide daily opportunities for our pupils to rehearse their fluency in key Mathematics skills to give them the confidence and ability to reason Mathematically and then be able to apply their knowledge to solve problems in different contexts. 

We believe Mathematics has particular links to 'My Personal Best' through many of the values such: problem solving, resilience, resourcefulness and curiosity. 


Key Stage 1 and 2 - White Rose Maths Long Term Planning and Progression

EYFS -- Development Matters

EYFS - White Rose Maths Long Term Planning and Progression



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