At Penwortham Primary School we  consider Computing as a subject that not only stands alone but one that provides the opportunity to develop transferrable skills and concepts our pupils need within other areas of the curriculum.  We aim to ensure that computing supports the development of cultural capital for every child.

Computational Thinking is at the core of our computing curriculum developing concepts such as logic, problem solving and collaboration.

Digital safety is embedded in our curriculum providing our pupils the essential knowledge and tools that will enable them to participate effectively and safely in the digital world beyond their time in school. 

We provide opportunities that excite and enthuse our pupils within computing, giving them a curiosity of new technology in the world around them. We want every child in our school to be digitally literate in order to enable them to keep pace with the dynamic world of technology. Our children will be confident, competent and responsible members of the digital world.

In the wider curriculum and all other subject areas we aim for computing and digital literacy to enrich and enhance learning for every child.

Computing  has particular links to 'My Personal Best' through the values of: communication, curiosity and problem solving.

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