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Physical Education is an essential part of the curriculum giving our pupils the opportunity to develop many, if not all, of the Personal Best concepts and values. 

Alongside physical health and skills we recognise the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, by encouraging a high level of participation in all aspects of PE we are providing our pupils with essential tools and mindset to manage and cope with difficulties in their everyday life.  

By providing a rich and broad range of activities we develop the enjoyment of physical activity with the aim that all pupils will find a sport or activity that engages them and encourages a lifelong interest in physical activity or sport. Before leaving our school we aim for every child to have  been given the opportunity to compete in a sport and represent the school, to have experienced and gained skills in a wide range of activity and sports and to be able to swim at least 25 metres.

PE supports our 'My Personal Best' values. Whilst providing a better understanding of how to lead an active, healthy lifestyle, pupils also gain skills and values such as communication, co-operation, leadership, respect and resilience, which can be applied within other areas of school life and beyond their time in our school. 

We aim for all our pupils to have an active 10-15 minutes of exercise each day through the Daily Mile. This is in addition to the 2 timetabled taught PE lessons each week. We aim for our playtimes to be active and healthy for mind and body. A range of resources and activities are encouraged for physical well being as well as quieter areas for calm and opportunities for reflection and social time with friends.

We follow the Lancashire Scheme of Learning using the PE passport App. 


We have enjoyed our festival days this year! We have tried out Striking skills, football, Tag Rugby, Yoga and Paralympics. 

We are having a busy time on wheels this term! Year 6 completed their Bikeability training with the coaches from South Ribble Sports Development team, Year 6 also have Bike fix training, Year 3 have their safer scooting training and Reception class begin their Tots on Tyres training!

Extra Curricular

This half term we have many busy Extra Curricular Sports Clubs!


Wednesdays - Pro-Skills Soccer and Year 6 Wellbeing Wednesdays at lunchtime


Year 2 recently invesitgated how exercise improves our health and wellbeing. They designed and videoed their own Warm-Up routine in Dance lessons for other classes to use in their PE lessons!

Watch it here!


Here is a report by Sienna, a Year 6 pupil, on her class lesson in developing sending and receiving ball skills focussed around the sport of rugby. There is a short video underneath the report.

In today's lesson my classmates have been learning about how to collect and pass a rugby ball. However, before they started they needed to warm up. For this part of the lesson they worked in teams to play a ball version of noughts and crosses. They then moved onto rugby based skills. The PE teacher increased the difficulty each time they played, for example by insisting that the ball could not be dropped.

Following this they practised throwing and collecting the rugby ball in the ways they have been taught. They start just walking then build up to running. The PE teacher blows the whistle to stop everyone and show them better tactics and how to develop their skills. Then they work in groups of 6. The teams scoop the ball and pass it to the person in front of them then join the line.

The next game is tag rugby. The aim of the game is to get the ball and place it on the opposite line without your tag being pulled out. If your tag is pulled out you have to pass the ball to a team mate, replace your tag and return to the game. the teacher blows the whistle to show everyone how to pass more efficiently. As the game continues everyone gets into their competitive spirit and work well with only a few small disagreements.

The final activity is a cool down using throwing and catching skills.

Lily:" It's fun and keeps me healthy, it makes me do new things."

Anon :" I think it helps our class build team work and our mental health. I have really enjoyed this and cannot wait for the next lesson."



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