Attainment, Assessment and Progress

'Happy Children Who Achieve'

At Penwortham Primary School we aim to develop young people who are confident to go out into the world and continue their education with enthusiasm. We are proud of their achievements in formal tests and in the social and emotional skills which they develop.

Please use the document below to view details of the school's most recent key stage 2 results. This information is also available via the link below:



Our end of Key Stage attainment and progress at the end of the academic year 2023 were:



Reading:                                                      93.1% reached the expected standard     41.4% reached the higher standard

Writing:                                                        69% reached the expected standard        10.3% reached the higher standard

Maths:                                                          79.3%reached the expected standard      37.9% reached the higher standard

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:        93.1% reached the expected standard      51.7%reached the higher standard

Reading, Writing and Maths combined:   69% reached the expected standard          7% reached the higher standard




Reading: +3

Writing: -1.71

Maths: +0.66


Scaled scores

Within reading and maths children’s test scores are converted to a scaled score. An average is then calculated with a score of 100.0 being the expected standard.

Scaled score in Reading:            108.9             

Scaled score in mathematics:     105.6

Scaled score in GPS:                   108.2



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