Fabulous Book Awards 2021 - 2022

This is what our children think of the Fabulous Book Awards...

"FBA has introduced us to new genres that we didn't know we liked and also confirmed genres that we don't like."

"It helped develop my imagination and reduced my screen time."

"It increased my pace of reading and the amount of reading I do." 

"We have enjoyed having dedicated time together to read and talk about the books. It has been great to be able to share opinions and recommendations."

"It has been great to be able to read at home without being interrupted or told to do something else."

"Book club has expanded our love for books."


Year 5 and 6 pupils join with Mrs Gaskell each Wednesday to review specially selected books for The FBA Book Awards. 

The Fantastic Book Awards (FBA) is an annual book event designed to encourage children to read for pleasure.

Our pupils select the story books they consider the best, review, recommend and share.

FBA is a chance for pupils to meet, discuss and share views about their reading in an informal way. "I love the group atmosphere - it's wonderful and always a great chat and a great afternoon". Sienna Y6


Tamarind and The Star of Ishta' - "I am really enjoying this book and the atmosphere it creates. It's an emotional rollercoster of happiness and sadness." Suzie Y6

The Voyage of the SparrowHawk "This is a book suitable for animal lovers and people who desire  to sail around the world. 5 stars!"- Amelia Y5 

Pizzaz  "This is a great book - but not my favourite. I recommend it to Tom Gates lovers! 3 stars."  Scarlett Y5

Tamarind and The Star of Ishta-'" I am really enjoying this book.Right at the start a map full of detail hypnotised me and i was hooked" Lily Y6

The house at the edge of magic-"Even though this book is well written, the slow paCe of this book was not one for me. However, I know that many others will be hooked by these pages of imagination and fantasy." Sienna Y6.

PIZAZZ - "PIZZAZ  is a really good book and is really aN amazing book .There are an abundance of mysteries and suprises.Its written in parts as a Graphic Novel." 5 stars. Yusra Y5.

The house at the edge of magic-"This book is a funny , mysterious book filled with adventures and surprises ".  4 STARS Suzie Y6