Brilliant Book Awards 2022


The Brilliant Book Award will be launched Wednesday 12th January 2022.

We are looking forward to celebrating digitally with a special reading message from a famous children's author.

Following the launch our Year 2 pupils will be invited to join the Brilliant Book Club running after school each week to read, discuss and recommend books and authors.

Brilliant Book Club Competition.PNG Week One update

This week we read 'King of the Swamp'. McDarkly lives a quiet life, growing flowers in the swamp, until his peace is shattered by a roller-skating king who wants to concrete over his home! Can McDarkly save the swamp in time? Or will he lose his home forever? For more information about the author of this story click here:



We made a swamp in a box!


Week 2

This week we voted to read 'Nappy the Pirate Baby'. You can read the first chapter online at

Week 3

Chapter 2 of Nappy the Pirate Baby. We made our own paper pirate boats this week - 'The Salty Herring' sailing across the ocean. Lots of instructions to follow using origami skills.

A challenge for half term next week - to create a recyled reading buddy. You can hear the next chapters of 'Nappy the Pirate Baby' on the website here.

If you are one of the lucky members of our reading club who have a copy of the story don't forget to read it over the holidays and bring it back next week!

What do you think we should read after half term?