Religious Education

At Penwortham Primary School Religious Education follows the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus programme of study for children and young people through the Lancashire ‘SACRE’ scheme. Through this, we intend to provoke challenge for all children, wherever they are in their learning, and encourage pupils to consider questions about the meaning and purpose of life i.e ‘What it is to be human?’  It develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of belief, religion and religious traditions around the world as well as those within our wider community. 

RE enables pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging, which helps them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society.  It teaches pupils to develop mutual respect and understanding for others, including people with different faiths and beliefs and helps to challenge prejudice.  RE prompts pupils to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others and to explore how they might contribute to their communities and to the wider society.  It encourages empathy, generosity and compassion and links strongly to ‘Our Personal Best’. 

At Penwortham Primary School, we provide a balanced RE curriculum, which evokes curiosity and allows our children to embrace the diverse global community in which they live. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on, analyse and evaluate their beliefs, values and practices and communicate their responses.

The following key concepts are integral to our teaching of RE at Penwortham Primary School.

  • Understand beliefs and teachings 
  • Understand practices and lifestyles 
  • Understand how beliefs are conveyed 
  • Reflect 
  • Understand values

We encourage all our children to share their faith, culture and beliefs. Below is a short video made by two pupils to explain to their peers why they celebrate Eid.

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