Phonics and Reading:

All children begin their Phonics education in the Reception Class by working through the Phase 2 sounds. The two main schemes that we use throughout Reception and Year One are Phonics Bug and Jolly Phonics.
When children have reached the end of Stage 5 they begin to look at different ways of writing each sound and the Code Crackers scheme takes them through all the different sounds and ensures that these are all covered.
The children are regularly assessed to check their progress and extra support is provided for those who need extra practice.
Below is a useful guide to parents regarding phonics:

Children begin reading Phonics Bug books in the Reception Class as soon as they can recognise the first set of sounds in phonics. The Phonics Bug books are matched to children’s phonics ability and reading these books supports the development of the children’s skills in learning to decode and blend words.

Alongside this the children work in class on learning tricky words and as soon as they can recognise the first set on sight they are also given an Oxford Reading Tree story to read as well as the Phonics Bug book.

Children progress through the remainder of their time in Reception, Year One and Year Two working through the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and the Phonics Bug scheme until they are ready to move onto free choice colour-banded books. They take their books to read at home and this is monitored weekly in class. Guided Reading also takes place in class to teach reading strategies and comprehension skills.

Throughout this process the children are assessed on a regular basis to check their reading ability and to ensure that they are reading the correct stage of books for their ability.

Every Year 1 child in the Summer term will take a Phonics Screening Check in which children will be expected to read 40 simple, de-codable words including nonsense words. This is a progress check to identify those children not at expected level in their reading. The results will be reported to parents and school governors. Children will be rechecked in Year 2 if they do not reach the expected level. Any child working below the level of the screen check may be dis-applied, with the permission of their parent/carer.  

Phonics Policy & Procedures
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