Staff Team

Current Vacancies
 We are very excited that we are currently looking for a full-time Deputy Headteacher, to join us either from 1st May 2018 or 1st September 2018.  All relevant documents are available from the TES jobs website.  The closing date for applications is 26th January 2018.

Our Team

Mrs J Cullen (First point of contact) (SLT Member)

Mr C Mitchell

Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Curran (SLT Member)

Class Teachers
Mrs R James
Miss L McKenna
Mr A Cowie
Miss C Bowker
Mrs E Lambert
Mrs J Taylor
Miss Z Andrew

Teaching Assistants
Mrs E Blezard
Mrs M Watkinson
Mrs S Brown
Miss A Flint
Mrs J Moncrief
Miss E Harvey
Mrs L Hughes
Mrs T Brewer
Mrs H Noblett (SLT Member)
Mrs S Tagari
Mrs L Cameron
Mrs C Whiteside

Lunchtime Welfare
Mrs A Hall
Mrs K Mitchell
Mrs T Brewer
Mrs J Owens
Mrs H Sharpe
Miss H Hodgson

Miss M Cragg

Mrs A Hall
Mrs T Brewer