For the next 2 weeks we are setting you the challenge of competing in 15 different events that you can either complete at school or at home with very little equipment. I do hope you can all get involved in some or all of the activities and contribute to this whole school event!

When you have completed your activity, record your PB score. Then email your scores to your class teacher and together we will keep a track of them and let you know who is in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in each event! Those children will be able to claim a medal from school at the end of the 2nd week! 

Please submit all results by 3.30pm on Thursday 9th July

Please use the video demonstrations below for instructions on how to complete each event. Try to get your family involved too! 

After testing out some of these activities in school this week, we realised that you may have to adapt them at home! (Who has a running track in their back garden?) Don’t worry, most of all it is just about taking part and having fun!
** Please see below for any changes to the activities to keep them consistent with how we have done them in school. **

Good Luck!
Mrs Lambert 


1 – Standing Long jump

Standing Long Jump

2 – Standing Triple Jump

** For Reception children – 3 jumps (2 feet – 2 feet) is fine!**

Standing Triple Jump

3 – Speed Bounce

Speed Bounce

4 – Sprint


5 – Long Distance Run

Long Distance Run

6 – Obstacle


7 – Relay Run

Relay Run

8 – Egg and Spoon

Egg and Spoon

9 – Target Throw

Target Throw

10 – Distance Throw

Distance Throw

11 – Throw, Clap, Catch

Throw, Clap, Catch

12 – Rolling a ball

Rolling a ball

13 – Kicking a ball

Kicking a ball

14 – Bouncing a ball

Bouncing a ball

15 – Skipping

** If you have a skipping rope (or something to skip with!) How many skips can you do in 30 seconds?**


Please click on the links below for extra activities to try at home!

Have a go at some of the activities designed by the South Ribble Sports Development Team! Most activities don’t require much apparatus and all encourage keeping active during this period as always.

Week 9 w/c 22nd June 2020

Year 1 and 2 Stay at Home Programme Week 9

Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Week 9 

Week 7  w/c 8th June 2020

Week 1 SRBC Home Lessons

Year 1 and 2 Stay at Home Programme Week 7

Week 5 w/c 18th May 2020

Year-1-2-spar-lancashire-school-games-activity-timetable Week 5

Year-3-6-spar-lancashire-school-games-activity-timetable Week 5

Home Activities Week 5

Week 4 w/c 11th May 2020

Year 1 and 2 Stay at Home Programme Week 4

Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Week 4

Home Activities Week 4

Week 3 w/c 4th May 2020

Year 1 and 2 Stay at Home Programme Week 3

Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Week 3

Home Activities WEEK 3